Our Community


As a services-based company, our community is of upmost importance to us, and we know that our growth as a company in the past as well as our future depends on our capacity to listen and communicate with them.

We are aware that our clients, as well as the people that live in our projects and our employees, are the ones that help us with their feedback and ideas. This allows us to keep developing our capacities in the technical areas as well as in our merchandising and the general direction of growth.

Our community is for us an essential part of our operations.

Honesty, transparency, hard work and strong relationships. We believe this is the key to long term success.


Community Giving

My Oregon Painting is committed to helping make our community a better place for all and we understand that giving back and being an active part of it is essential, which is why we annually volunteer in a project called “Building Together” which helps out the less privileged by fixing up their homes at no cost to them. We also take part in sponsoring annual toy drives, giving away more than one thousand toys every Christmas season.


Career Pathway


On one hand as part of our community, we want them to be well capacitated to communicate with clients and prospective clients, and on the other hand we want them to be professionally on their highest possible levels.

We achieve this through special courses and technical meetings with other professionals to widen and increment their technical knowledge.




Taking care of our environment as well as our team members and equipment is one of the main priorities for My Oregon Painting.

Our commitment focuses in, staying updated with every new rules or regulations as well as all the new equipment that the company acquires. Second, to make sure our staff is fully aware of any possible danger situation that could arise, so as to avoid any possible damage to either people or machinery. And finally, making sure that there will not be any environmental damage left behind due to our work, by the use of environment friendly paints and fluids, also by covering with safe materials every possible damage prone section or artifact in the work area.

We maintain a perfect record by actualizing our safety policy continuously and carrying out safety meetings every week and before the start of any new project.